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Digital Marketing

Let’s do a significant branding activities to familiarize your company (or) brand in the fastest competing world. We plan and execute the best Digital Marketing Strategy and create better ROI for your organization.

In Search Engine era Google plays a vital role in shrinking the world and bringing into the smaller devices. The traditional marketing, Search Engine Marketing has nowadays grown to the next level of understanding any business in the world. Do you spend a huge amount in paper works and advertising banners? In that case you are absolutely obsolete in these days, after the Digital Marketing has come into the picture. Millions of people started spending their money effectively in e-Advertisements and reap a huge profit. Connect us to talk more about creating better ROI by investing into Digital Marketing

Mobile APP Development

If you want to do something never done before, Cogzent Appz will answer all your difficulty and transform to an elegant and brand-worthy product. Choosing right mobile app is the best way to accomplish your success because technology and tools are getting updated every single minute. With our design and strategy we offer deep domain proficiency in developing the applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Mobile websites using HTML5, WAP.

Latest survey reports shows 80% of online users access Internet via mobile devices. We help to reach audience by apps on all mobile devices. We know exactly how to create and use app features for the success of your brand. We work to get fine equilibrium with eye-catching visuals and use the techniques like push notifications, gamification and geo-targeting to hold users within the application. By adopting these trends, we integrate features from concurrent trends and accelerate with the speed of IT.

WEB Development

We understand that you need most professional representation of your business out of million challengers. We work with you to seek your vision and objectives in cooperative way. In short term, our expert will give best looks and technology in your Website as per your business needs. Bringing satisfactory result for your online business makes sure that you own a website exactly what you need.

Trust us! We will deliver fine-looking, fast-loading, secure website and easy to navigate by allowing user to find their required information from small to big and medium to complex websites. From static to dynamic site, we can make it easily manageable with user-friendly interface. To look professional, our designers work with distinct design elements that need to be focused along with flaunting creative designs and technical excellence. So what do you think? Contact us to show your identity in web.

GRAPHICS & Multimedia

“A Picture is worth a thousand words”, the gap between ideas you want to say and how customers will hear, are bridged by creative concepts and graphics. It is the best way to make your messages reach the customers and show everyone how worth your work is. We hold the customers by using the techniques with interacting services and grand visuals in diverse range of products.


When you narrate about your idea, we will be racing in imaginations to reach your dreams. Visual architects have the remarkable set of quality, which makes us popular and engaged in multimedia services. Our outlines are so modern and it truly makes difference in your business thoughts and industry. Each piece of design draws customers with positive impression in customer minds and there is no compromise in quality.


Every owner wants his product connected with brand power and industry standards. We develop drawings, 2D, 3D layout and models to find the usage and design elegantly to our clients. The technology like AutoCAD, Autodesk, Solid Works and 3D modeling tools extensively used to deliver your designs to clients in an interesting manner. The advancement in engineering designs gives the customers a real feel of their product.

Making the designs correct and unique in first time is not simple.   From computers to buildings everywhere our designer teams have experience in creation and enables you to realize the innovation. Understanding the engineering will take you to extend of your imagination and create quality designs. Regardless of the problem, we go beyond the limitations and solve the challenges to improve our client’s business performance.