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Mobile App

We hit the audience through mobile in creative ways by turning excellent ideas into mobile apps and take business to next level. Creating user interfaces what exactly user wants and building high quality apps with full specifications makes us to launch best mobile apps.


Website is the identity to show your business ideas in single blink of eye. To impress your customers at first look and stay on it, then you found a right place, CogzentAppz. With extreme creativity, we help to meet your expectations, with touch of elegance and impressive designs in your Website.

graphics &

To broadcast your business idea, you need a stunning advertising campaign with wonderful and unique graphic design ideas. Graphics and Multimedia creates a long lasting impact in memory and you need not wait long to contact us!


Engineering designs are the practical solutions in all disciplines in modern world. How complex the design may be in your project, when ‘Engineering’ involved, there will be a complete and effective delivery to your client. Our broad experience makes your product designed professional and applicable to all industry standards and excellence.

Embedded System

When you are feeling to jump into world of embedded systems development, CogzentAppz is a good place to start explore! Now- a- days embedded system development is increasing and found in many applications. We offer service in customized embedded systems across wide range of products.

Hosting &

When you are hosting your website in server, you need to know about your web hosting provider. When you are choosing hosting provider, you should compare their services and packages and significantly, CogzentAppz leads among others.


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